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18 January, 2022

Marble furniture

Natural marble furniture is one of the year’s trendiest interior design trends. Marble, with its varied colors and textures, is suited for a wide range of spaces, from classic to semi-classical to modern and so on. Marble is a beautiful, tactile natural material; it is resistant to heat and it can also be reasonably priced if chosen carefully. It has a satisfying cold feel and comes in a variety of styles, each with its own distinctive appearance.

Marble table top

Marble table tops are accessible in a variety of standard shapes and sizes, as well as bespoke sizes and shapes. Almost all marble tops are 18mm deep (the standard thickness of a marble slab) and have a wide range of edge profile options.

As with any natural material, every marble table top will be unique – sometimes there are considerable differences between marbles even from the same quarry.


                                                                      Woodgrain marble tea table

          Carrara white marble dinning table                                       Nero marquina marble plinth table


Nội thất đá marble tự nhiên
Side table and marble chair
Bàn trà đôi mặt đá trắng
Nesting table



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The Use Of Marble In Interior Design

Marble is a highly appreciated timeless material that adds beauty and style to any interior design. Marble flooring in the living room or a marble topped furniture may complement the inherent modern decoration. Let’s have a look at how marble is applied in décor.

Marble living room decoration:

The living room is always the most apparent room in the house, and the interior décor of the house reveals a lot about the owner’s personality. Because of the range of colors and unique textural, marble has been a popular choice for ages.

Marble Walls: Covering entire walls in the marble turns your interior into a classy looking space and will change otherwise boring days at home into elegant days spent lounging around your marble clad palace or apartment.

Nội thất đá marble tự nhiên

Marble floor: Marble is a kind of stone that is easy to clean and has a lustrous finish. Therefore, when using them as floor tiles, they will create a bright and clean beauty.

Marble clad staircase: Adding elegant and refined beauty to the place.

Marble in Kitchen decor:

For thousands of years, it is popular all over the world, and marble has been used for both decorative and functional purposes. Although a fairly soft stone, marble is a strong, hard-wearing and very tough material that can take a great deal of use.  In kitchen, marble can be used for countertops, kitchen island, kitchen wall clad, dinning table top, bar top, and so on.

Marble in Bathroom decor:

Marble is usually a wonderful choice when it comes to bathroom design ( such as bathroom floor and clad tiles, vanity countertop, lavabo, etc.) because it is classic and elegant, and timeless.

                                                                 Marble bathroom floor and clad tiles

Mặt bàn đá lavabo

                                                                         Marble lavabo, marble bathroom countertop


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