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2 December, 2021

Marble has been a popular design feature in kitchens for almost as long, but the luxe-looking material is also having a major moment in other rooms, such as the dining and living room, in the shape of freestanding furniture in particular. Let’s take a look at marble furniture top processing


Marble is essentially a crystallized form of stone—a metamorphic rock formed from other materials like limestone and dolomite. It hails from different quarries and regions all over the world, and the marble from each place has its own unique characteristics, from color to porosity.

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Gia công đá marble



Gia công đá marble
                                                   Marble Quarry

1. Identification of a Quarry Location: When the location of marble quarrying is identified, a sample of the stone is taken to test its color and characteristics. The quarrying process starts after obtaining necessary approval.
2. Drilling: There are main two type of the driller is used. That is pneumatic steel driller and pneumatic down-the –hole driller. The pneumatic steel driller is used for vertical, horizontal or inclined drilling process and pneumatic down-the-hole driller requires for making vertical holes for introducing the diamond wire. 
3. Primary cuts: The marble quarrying is cut into large cuts with the help of the diamond wire machine.
4. Hydraulic cushions: When the primary cut is done then after the steel pushing bag is put in the gap of the primary cut and with the help of the pressure enlarging the space between cut benches. 
5. Lifting and transportation: The cut block of the marble loaded in the truck with the help of the lifting equipment like crane. The truck transports the raw marble to the factory. Transportation process is a very crucial step in this process.


1.Gantry crane: Unload the truck with the help of the gantry crane is the first process in factory.
2.Multi wire cutting machine: In this process the marble is cutting in slab with the help of the multi wire cutting machine.
3.Polishing: The upper surface of the marble slab is polished with the help of marble polish machine.



Gia công đá Marble
  TLP workers are processing for marble furniture tops

To transform a big slab into beautiful table tops, countertops, tiles, etc. T.L.P. experts and workers will do some processes as below:

Step 1: Depending on the customer’s needs, we cut the slabs into specific shapes such as squares, rounds, ovals, racetracks, and so on, or we cut the marble blocks into small cubes.

Step 2: The marble tops can be kept at the same thickness or they can be combined with plywood to increase the thickness of the tops while reducing the weight compared to the full marble tops.

Step 3: The marble furniture top will be honed, tumbled, or brushed. T.L.P. also focuses on the most common marble edge profiles such as square, waterfall, ogee, bullnose, dupont, and bevel to give marble stone products a stunning appearance while also making them safe for people to use.

Step 4: Polish, wax, or apply a surface treatment to make the top surface shiny and to add natural beauty to any marble product.

Step 5: After all the processes are completed, all marble products are packed in sturdy wooden crates in a secure manner to avoid chipping, scratching, and breakage during transportation.

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Gia công đá Marble

How to Keep Your Marble Table Shiny

Marble is one of the most long-lasting home decor materials, adorning many a tabletop in homes and offices all over the world. Getting marble to shine and look good takes some effort at first, but once you’ve established a routine, it becomes part of the routine.

Restoration and Cleaning

Marble is a porous stone, which means it absorbs liquids like coffee, wine, water, and juice, resulting in tenacious stains. Remove them with a professional marble cleaner or a homemade solution of warm, soapy water and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. To clean the tabletop, mix 3 teaspoons baking soda with 1 quart warm water, spread it around, and let it dry for two hours before wiping with clear water and rubbing with an absorbent, microfiber cloth. Avoid using vinegar or acidic cleaners.

Marble Polishing and Sealing

After removing dirt, stains, and food particles from your marble top, use a marble restoration kit to buff out scratches and pitting before polishing with a specific cream. Alternatively, wash a soft damp cloth in crushed white chalk and gently rub it over the marble surface. Rinse it with clear water and wipe it dry instantly. Finally, a marble sealer with a high-gloss component can be used to provide a shining surface. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for initial application, then repeat as the finish fades.
Gia công đá Marble

Marble Top Processing Quotation

T.L.P Marble & Furniture is the partner to consider if you’re seeking for marble furniture or a marble top sourcing company. We are specializing in marble furniture top processing (as well as Granite, Quartz,etc.) for tabletops, drawer dresser tops, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and other furniture tops, as well as marble bases.
Please email us your requirements and specific drawings, and we will provide you with quotations based on the information you provide.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at or by Skype/Zalo/Wechat at 0908696694.

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