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7 April, 2021

Side tables, sometimes called end tables, are small yet functional tables that are found in most homes. Where do you actually put a side table, though?

Well, it depends on your needs. Sometimes you just need a small table to fit in that empty corner of your home. Other times, you need the perfect end table to sit next to your sofa. Some people opt for multiple side tables next to their sofa arms instead of a coffee table, so they don’t have to bend forward to reach any beverages or food. Side tables allow you to simply swing your arm to the side and reach whatever you placed there.


Side tables can serve many purposes and home furniture needs. These trusty tables come in a variety of materials from wood to glass to metal. They may have shelves beneath the surface or even a drawer or two for hidden storage.

When choosing a side table, keep in mind that a good side table will be about 1-3 inches shorter than the sofa arm or chair arm that it sits next to. The surface should span at least 20 inches wide in my option, to ensure you have enough room for a small table lamp and other accessories you may wish to keep on top of this table.

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